Our  Partnerships

Bmark Energy

Tekton Inc. has partnered with Bmark Energy to provide Energy Supply Sourcing as North American Energy Services Brokers. 

Bmark Energy provides companies with the best electricity and natural gas supply services, energy services, and referral services throughout North America, Mexico, and Canada.  Tekton Inc. now has the opportunity to offer our customer's current supplier pricing as well as to provide them with the best terms, rates and overall supplier services.

Bmark Energy works with energy deregulated markets in providing the wholesale & retail power markets with powerfully supply alternatives as well as referral and renewable energy services.

With 30 years of utility and energy purchase experience, combined with an array of top notch energy suppliers and services, Bmark Energy provides cost effective methods for purchasing energy.

Bmark Energy services the following Industries;  Manufacturing, Hospitals and Extended healthcare, Entertainment & Gaming, Governments (Federal-State-County-City), Water & School Districts, Hotels and Motels, Technology, Transportation and more.

Bmark Energy's goal is to provide the "
best" energy supply pricing, terms, and options to serve our customers needs.

CT3M, Inc. and Orchard Capital Partners

Our partnership with CT3M Inc. and Orchard Capital Partners enables Tekton to offer leasing and financial services specific to the Energy Industry.

CT3M is a full service consultant and financial service company offering a source for turn-key product solutions, installation and financing.  They understand the Energy Industry and that it’s a responsibility and an economic reality we all must face.

CT3M, Inc, was founded in 1996, to provide professional funding service for a business' capital equipment needs.

In 2008 CT3M entered the Energy Industry as a partner in a company that was dedicated to providing financial and consulting services for companies within the energy foot-print.

Today, CT3M acts as a “Special Team Company” in identifying and developing cost containment strategies concerning all of of a company’s  financial and sustainability needs.

For more information visit our Financing page.


Tekton is a trade professional partner of Energy Management Programs with the utilities.

Professional Affiliations

We are a member of the following organizations:

 US Green Building Council
 Builder Energy Code Training
 Building Performance Institute
 Sierra Green Building Association
Build it Green

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